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April 1st, 2004

Just Roll A d20 For SAN Now

Connecticut, bike


April 1st, 2004

Edited to add: Huh. I just now noticed that I first posted this thing on April Fool's Day 2004.

Yes, folks, after yesterday's Quenta Silmarillion in 350 Words or Less, I went on to do the rest of the damn book. Presenting:


Ainulindale.Collapse )

Valaquenta.Collapse )

Quenta Silmarillion.Collapse )

Akallabeth.Collapse )

Of The Rings Of Power And The Third Age.Collapse )

... I'd say I'm going to Hell, but there's no Hell in Arda. I'm gonna be eaten by a Balrog, I figure.
Okay, folks. I've got a new Diary of a Mountie entry up at sgt_preston. Thing is, it's the last one to date. . . the Diary was a transcription of two gaming sessions run by cadhla last summer. Total game time came out to something seven hours RL. And I've run out of game material.

Now, we had discussed the possibility of going to play-by-email format a while ago. That was allowed to lapse, but I figured I'd try raising the prospect again now that I've come to the end of my notes and such.

batyatoon, sdelmonte, akawil, agrumer, stakebait, ladymondegreen- is there any chance that after Passover's done with that you guys would be interested in getting cadhla to start all this again as a PBEM? Or something? I'd really like to play again, and I think we could manage it. I mean, if you don't, that's fine too. batyatoon and I could probably carry the stuff on as fanfic, as long as cadhla was willing to help. I'd rather not go that route if at all possible, since this is a game based on cadhla's vision and ideas, but it's there if need be.

So. . . when you get the chance, is there any chance you'd like to play again? I mean, once holidayfoo is out of the way?

And if not- batyatoon, or whoever, did you want to work up something together?
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